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Octopus/PMI LogoOctopus/PMI - Financial Management of Productions and the Company

A. Octopus/PMI is a product designed from the outset specifically for television production companies-
i. it incorporates core components presented in industry specific formats, applying a common industry approach and using established processes and procedures,
ii. it has the look, feel and behaviour of common Microsoft tools such as MS Excel, making the product intuitive and familiar to financial/management accountants and the large Film and TV freelance community who are employed to make television the world over.

B. Suites such as production budgeting, production cost management/forecasting and cash and expense management within Octopus/PMI have been designed specifically for television production and embrace industry-wide best practice to deliver optimum control in a really practical way. We have incorporated management reporting, P&L and Balance Sheet reports as well as useful control reports for financial accounting purposes, enabling users to use the best features of the established, powerful and reliable ERP application, Sage Line 500. Sage Line 500 supports multi-currency and multi-companies enabling international operations.

C. This unique design offers both the production team and central management/finance teams an immediate financial overview of all productions fresh to the last posting – assimilating historic finance transactions, purchase orders and future costs to complete on every project, providing the opportunity for timely management intervention if projects start going off the rails.

D. Immediate visibility of forecast project outcomes significantly lowers the associated business risks and delivers the operational capability to run a distributed business for projects in real time.

E. As an integrated application between productions and the holistic business it enables ‘operational information’ generated by the production processes to be shared by the finance team and vice versa. Transactions need only be entered once, with significant savings of reconciliation time and effort when preparing reports.

F. Proven in use at over a dozen top UK Television Production companies, KAI Consulting underpin this with our outstanding service responsiveness and support excellence.

G. Octopus/PMI offers a common ‘core solution’ for an industry sector which has very special, disparate and sometimes idiosyncratic ‘industry’ processes.

View Sample Screens of Octopus/PMI:

View Sample of Octopus/PMI Budget Summary
View Sample of Octopus/PMI Cash Flow Funding
View Sample of Octopus/PMI Cost Manager
Download Sample of Octopus/PMI Cost Report
View Sample of Octopus/PMI Expenses
View Sample of Octopus/PMI Accounts Menu

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