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About us

KAI Consulting

KAI Consulting are specialists in TV and Film Production Management. Passionate about the creative industry, we're a leading global provider of financial management solutions for some of the world's largest and most dynamic production companies. We offer invaluable solutions and advice to businesses that want to maintain a competitive edge in an ever-expanding and fast-changing landscape.

Since 1999

Specialists in TV and Film Production Management for nearly two decades.


Over 50% of the turnover of UK Indie productions is managed using our solution.

    Our Goals

  • Deliver the industry standard production management solution globally
  • Ensure our clients remain competitive on the international stage
  • Constantly innovate and evolve our products to best serve our clients
  • Provide exceptional service


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With help from our clients, we developed OctopusPMI, the most advanced production management tool, specifically for production companies.

Total Visibility

Get accurate real-time costs to compare against your original and forecast budgets, and have total financial visibility over your operations, whether that's one company or multiple divisions.

Next Level Efficiency

Take the pressure out of the paper chase with our seamless purchase-to-pay solutions. Our integrated approach to production and finance eliminates duplication of effort.

Cutting Edge Technology

View production costs via the mobile app anytime, anywhere. POs, expenses and authorisation with just a few taps. Capture expenses and scan documents.

Streamlined Implementation

Our dedicated project managers ensure fast, professional and pain-free implementation with minimal impact on the operation of your business.

Hands-on Training

We offer customised training from industry experts, and ongoing support to optimise our production management solutions for your company.

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We discovered a gap in the production industry space: no nonsense, easy-to-use production accounting software and a crucial bridge between production and finance. OctopusPMI delivers accurate, real-time and integrated financial information.

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Who is it for?

OctopusPMI drives efficiency and best practice in your production workflows and improves business performance at every level.


Comprehensive management reporting gives you total control and full visibility over your operations: the complete picture. Get a birds-eye view or drill down to the finest level of detail


Our seamless purchase to pay solution with electronic authorisation ensures payments are made on time with no duplication of data entry. Built on top of a well-known ERP system, our easy to use accounts package is tailor-made to suit the industry.

Heads of Production/
Production Executives

Experience next level solutions for comprehensive budgeting and planning. Get a company-wide view of production status and profitability.


Say goodbye to excel formula errors and crashes. Our real-time cost-manager is fully live, and allows you to take snapshots at any point for easy cost-reporting against original and forecast budgets.

Built for efficiency, our work-flow offers email authorisation of purchase orders and invoices.


OctopusPMI saves you time and takes the pressure out of production accounting. Production and finance are looking at the same data in our fully integrated solution which means there's no duplication of effort, and you can say goodbye to laborious cost-report reconciliation meetings.


Save time with easy purchase order and expense entry.

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Our Clients

These are just some of the clients with whom we're proud to work.

Client Projects

We support productions of all scales across a whole range of genres from animation, to reality, to award-winning drama.

Project 1


The Octonauts

The Octonauts

Project 3

Jamie Oliver's 15 Minute Meals

Project 4

Peaky Blinders

Project 5

Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares

Project 6

Black Mirror

Project 7

Speed with Guy Martin

Midsomer Murders

Midsomer Murders

Project 9

Geordie Shore

Project 10

Saturday Morning Kitchen

Project 11

American Honey

Project 12

The Only Way Is Essex

Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location

8 Out Of 10 Cats

8 Out of 10 Cats

Big Brother

Big Brother

Happy Valley

Happy Valley

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