KAI KTP Collaboration Blog Post

KAI are delighted to now be part of the UK Government’s Initiative – Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) working in collaboration with City, University of London.

KTPs aim to help businesses to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills within the UK knowledge base.

This Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) will tailor and apply innovative user experience and HCI approaches to radically enhance OctopusPMI – which will further optimise the future business performance of our system.

OctopusPMI, the market leading Film and TV Production Cost Management Solution.

Integrated with world class SAP financials, designed in the UK specifically for the Animation,
Film and TV Industry. OctopusPMI is used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, United States and Canada.

The real purpose of OctopusPMI is to provide an effective tool that delivers a competitive edge to our customers, which will be further enhanced with embed advanced artificial intelligence (AI).

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